Chewbacca Posts Original ‘Star Wars’ Script — Shocking News About Han Solo…

Star Wars Script

Well, this is problematic. Peter Mayhew — beloved to geeks everywhere as Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies — has once again shared an intimate look at the classic original trilogy. (He previously shared some fun lost Star Wars production pics.) This time, however, Peter has also exposed a shocking truth about Han Solo. The dashing “pirate extraordinaire” (as the script calls him) was a slave master!

In fact, it looks like 1977’s Star Wars could’ve been called 12 Years a Chewbacca. Mayhew went to his Twitter account to post pages from the original script. His original intent, Mayhew explained, was to reveal how Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi were originally a “little more bold ” and free to be “cutting troops to ribbons.”

But what we really get is a shocking look at how Star Wars gave us a hero who, in fact, had obviously enslaved his co-pilot. The script pages actually include a scene where Chewbacca is “quite upset at his Master’s disappearance.” We added the capital “M” to “master,” but that was obviously a typo on George Lucas’ part.

This is obviously a turning point in the Star Wars mythos. We’re now supposed to cheer when Han gets killed by civil-rights activist Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Oh, SPOILER on that.) Also, we finally know why Chewbacca didn’t get a medal at the end of Star Wars. Mayhew has previously guessed that the producers “didn’t have enough money to buy me a medal.” Yeah. If only it had been that simple.

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