Lindsey Pelas Calls Out Her Instagram Haters Beacuse What Kind of Fool Hates on Lindsey Pelas?!

We all know and love Lindsey Pelas. And why wouldn’t we? She’s a total babe with her long blonde hair, super bodacious bod, and a sexy Instagram account that just won’t quit. But apparently there’s people out there who don’t appreciate that kind of beauty, thanks to the trolls lurking around Instagram. Usually they’re just saying weird sh*t to hot women, but in Lindsey’s case, she’s getting slut-shamed for simply being hot.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Pelas explains how she’s standing up against slut-shaming once and for all:

“If it makes me feel good to take a cute picture of myself, if I feel good that I have cleavage, if I like my shirt, I’m going to do what I want to do, because it’s natural to me,” Pelas told Cosmo. “I’m not trying to date anyone, I’m not trying to sleep with anyone, I’m certainly not trying to make you angry, so I don’t understand where the criticism has to come from. Why does what I do offend anyone else, ever?”

“If I were 5-foot-10, flat-chested, and not as curvy, my photos would be artistic, but when I’m in them, they become vulgar and pornographic and overly sexual. Can’t my body be artsy and beautiful in its natural way like everyone else’s?”

Pelas has a point. Although we’ve always considered her Instagram photos beautiful and artsy, and above all else, sexy as f*ck. Keep them coming and f*ck the haters. They know nothing.

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