Villanova Wildcats Cheerleaders 2018: Hottest Instagram Photos

Other than the Villanova coaches and players, no one believed in the Villanova Wildcats‘ chances in the 2016 Final Four more than the ‘Nova cheerleaders. And you know what? We’re big fans of the Wildcats cheerleaders. Because despite the fact that Villanova’s catholic history has earned the school the nickname of Villanofun, we’re willing to bet that Nova students have been partying and celebrating with much more than communion wine as of late.
But not the cheerleaders. They’ve been too busy with deep runs during March Madness, schoolwork and all the other responsibilities that come with representing your school in the NCAA Tournament.
It’s certainly not easy, and they’re running on just a little bit of sleep, but they’re young and energetic enough to be able to pull off that kind of scheduling and commitment.
“Villanova University Cheerleading is dedicated to building unity within our squad and within the entire Villanova Community.  We are committed to representing the university with pride and distinction and to supporting the university’s athletic programs.  We are focused on building character and self-confidence within our members, and through our participation, we expect to learn life lessons that help us grow as a team, individuals, and as student-athletes,” the school’s official website reads.

Along with representing one of the most active squads in college basketball, Villanova continuously provides updates regarding special appearances and events for their cheer squads.
The Villanova cheerleading team is led by coach Jamie Shroy.
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2017-18 Villanova Cheerleading Roster

Advant, Anika
Alvarado, Annie
Barias, Kasey
Bianchi, Jessica
Bowers, Bradley
Casalino, Jennifer
Cat, Will D.
D’Antonio, Gina
Eliason, Ben
Ferrara, Erica
Glancy, Kelsey
Guglielmi, Anna
Harrison, Molly
Hebel, Nina
Kobs, Kailyn
McCusker, Christina
Nofi, Morganne
O’Hara, Lizzy
O’Neil, Alexis
Puleo, Madison
Scully, Molly
Sobota, Anna
Spenzos, Katherine
Stamatos, Solange
Taylor, Austin
Winschuh, Nikki
Youn, Richard
Zaccardi, Michael
Jamie Shroy – Head Coach
Meredith McGarrigle – Assistant Coach / Mascot Coordinator
Matt Howard – Volunteer Assistant
Nicole Penna – Volunteer Assistant
WATCH: March Sadness 2016 Video–Lowlights of the Tournament
WATCH: March Sadness 2016 Video–Lowlights of the Tournament
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