This Teen Girl Completely Owned Her Homophobic Aunt & The Internet is Loving It

Karma is a b*tch, and if there’s anyone who should know that, it’s this nameless homophobe who called her bisexual niece a gay slur only to watch their heated argument go viral online.
Hell f*cking yes.
Charlotte Wright is an 18-year-old girl who proved she knows how to hold her own when her incredibly ignorant aunt said something nasty about her sexuality. From there, things went downhill.
Wow. This chick f*cking sucks. Luckily Charlotte knew just what to say and completely owned her aunt in the best way possible.
YESSSSSS!!!!! And there it is — how you really win against an ignorant AF SOB. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) the conversation had some consequences, and Charlotte may be on the lookout for a whole new family:
Charlotte, you can come stay with us any time. Or the several thousand tweeters who now worship the ground you walk on:

Isn’t revenge so sweet?

[H/T: BroBible]

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