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The White Album trickled into Spotify starting with “California Kids” and “King of the World.”

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This album contains a hearty dose of Rivers Cuomo’s musings on sun-drenched southern California life, so it’s most appropriate that you purchase this album from the Apple folks in Cupertino. Or don’t. See if it affects your listening to the album any. It won’t. You’ve got a heart of stone, kid. But Weezer will melt it.

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How long until Weezer shoots a video entirely from a drone camera? You know dang well it’s a Weezer thing to do, along with the product placement they’d give Amazon. Picture them sending a couple dozen copies of their album to fans a couple weeks early. There’s your whole video: smiling kids taking copies of The Purple Album (Weezer IX), maybe while a hologram of Rivers projected from its nose serenades them. No? Too advanced? Okay, just the drone delivery then.

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Look at all the kids with their fancy digital downloads. Not you, buddy. You’re going to do it old-school and not care who thinks you’re a old-fangled. That’s the Weezer way! Buy The White Album on disc at Target.

Weezer’s The White Album Track List

Weezer’s newest album includes a Japanese bonus track, because Japan always gets the best of Weezer. And, presumably, vice versa. God damn, you half-Japanese girls do it to Rivers every time.

1. “California Kids”
2. “Wind in Our Sail”
3. “Thank God for Girls”
4. “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing”
5. “Do You Wanna Get High?”
6. “King of the World”
7. “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori”
8. “L.A. Girlz”
9. “Jacked Up”
10. “Endless Bummer”
11. “Prom Night (Japanese Bonus Track)”


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