Photos of the New, Gorgeous, & Affordable Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Photos

Tesla Model 3 photos have flooded the web after Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla team unveiled the Tesla Model 3, the newest addition to their fleet of electric cars. For those of you who aren’t aware, Musk stated ten years ago that it was his dream to build an affordable, exciting electric car for the masses–and the Model 3 is it.

Both the Model S and Model X were priced at over $100K, and Musk used the profits from that to build the Model 3, priced at only $35,000. Even crazier, Tesla only required buyers to put down $1000. Understandably, they sold out immediately.

Deliveries for the Model 3 begin in 2017 and already there more than 130,000 preorders. In order to meet that demand, Tesla will double the number of their dealerships and service centers.

But if you’re anything like us, you’re interested in learning what the Model 3 actually looks like. We’ve got some great photos to show you, but keep in mind that this reveal was only “Part 1.” As we get closer to “Part 2,” you can expect to see a lot more great pictures.

That being said, I need the matte black Tesla Model 3 and I needed it yesterday.

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