LISTEN: Andrew Bird, Are You Serious Stream: New Album

Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious (no question mark) features a bird on the cover, so it’s safe to say there’s at least some playing around here. But he’s also teamed up with Fiona Apple, and she’s a pretty serious artist. You’d better listen to the new album a few hundred times till you’re certain whether he’s being serious or not.

Stream Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious

Your best opportunity to do so will be with the NPR’s First Listen Stream of Are You Serious

Buy Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious on iTunes

If your ISP throttles you after a certain level of traffic, do the smart thing and download the whole album to your phone. That’ll show you, you lousy Comcast/TWC/Verizon (in honesty, they’re all terrible). The deluxe edition on iTunes includes two bonus songs: “Shoulder Mountain” and “Pulaski.” We like to think they’re two hard-scrabble hobos just trying to make a decent, honest buck each week in The Adventures of Pulaski and Shoulder Mountain! That, or they’re just a couple of exits along an old highway.

Buy Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious on Amazon

If you’re a loyal Amazon customer, this is the download link for you.

Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious Track List

1. “Capsized”
2. “Roma Fade”
3. “Truth Lies Low”
4. “Puma”
5. “Chemical Switches”
6. “Left Handed Kisses”¬†(featuring¬†Fiona Apple)
7. “Are You Serious”
8. “Saints Preservus”
9. “The New Saint Jude”
10. “Valleys of the Young”
11. “Bellevue”

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