LISTEN: Explosions in the Sky, The Wilderness Stream: New Album

Looking for the newest album from Explosions in the Sky? You won’t find The Wilderness at your local Target, so here’s how to get the fastest access to a digital copy. Remember, though: it’s not how quickly you can get your hands on your favorite band’s new record, but how deeply you can enjoy it. Feel free to steal that one to impress people who think they’re very sensitive and thoughtful but aren’t. Such people, of course, aren’t likely to listen to Explosions in the Sky, because those guys will actually make you feel something real.

Okay! Let’s enjoy ourselves some stirring Texas instrumental musings. You–you go on without us. We’re just going to stay here till this dust is out of our eyes…once we’ve got clear eyes and a full heart, we can’t lose. And Explosions in the Sky sure will give you a full heart. Not clear eyes, though. Hoo boy!

Stream Explosions in the Sky’s The Wilderness

Spotify has your hookup. Stream The Wilderness now! But like…gently, you know? This music has memories attached to it.

Buy Explosions in the Sky’s The Wilderness on iTunes

If you’d prefer to listen to The Wilderness on your iPhone even when you’ve got crap reception, good news! iTunes has it. Along with every damn work of music in human history, so…it’s not like that’s a surprise there.

Buy Explosions in the Sky’s The Wilderness on Amazon

Get The Wilderness from Amazon right here. But for extra street cred, tell people you stole it from a cop’s car. Now you’re the badass who rips off John Law! Wait, what if they find the receipt? They’re onto you. Time to start a new life somewhere nobody knows you.

Explosions in the Sky’s The Wilderness Track List

1. Wilderness
2. The Ecstatics
3. Tangle Formations
4. Logic of a Dream
5. Disintegration Anxiety
6. Losing the Light
7. Infinite Orbit
8. Colors in Space
9. Landing Cliffs

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