‘Wolfman’ Wanted To Scare Off Tourists

Need a job? Love facial hair? Hate it when people trespass on your land? Then Clark’s Trading Post may just have the solution you’ve been looking for. According to the “Help Wanted” flyer, “If acting crazy and getting paid for it sounds good, then this is the job for you!”

Based in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Clark’s Trading Post began as a roadside attraction for White Mountain travelers in 1928. However, it wasn’t until the ’70s that the tradition of the Wolfman began. As Anne Clark Englert—who is responsible for overseeing the hiring process—explains, it all started when an employee was cutting down dead trees by the park’s train tracks. On some bizarre whim, this guy decided to dress up in a fur coat, an eye patch, and wave an empty bottle of whiskey (filled with water) and a stick at the passing trains. Instead of filing a complaint, visitors loved it.

“It was a joke to begin with,”Englert told The Huffington Post. “It a was a prank, but in the end the people kept asking, ‘Where’s the guy?’”

And so the Wolfman was born. Ever since 1983, the park has hired a Wolfman to ineffectually terrorize park guests.

Clark's Trading Post

Clark’s Trading Post

The ideal candidate loves the great outdoors, has a “dramatic side,” and is “scruffy and unkempt.” According to the local folklore,”His legendary ability to hunt is only exceeded by his ability to evade taxes or any other form of payment for any goods or services.” Job Perks: everyday is casual Friday for the Wolfman.

The position will be seasonal and, ideally, five days a week. Open auditions are being held on Saturday, April 9 at 7 p.m. at Jean’s Playhouse.

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