Babes For Trump Are The Hottest Donald Trump Fans Ever

Hot Babes For Trump Hottest Photos

Babes For Trump was something that was inevitable, given the circus-like atmosphere of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. That being said as far as things go, attractive women showing their love with the “Make America Great Again” hats, American flag swimsuits, and the hashtag #BabesForTrump could be a lot worse.

I will address the one elephant in the room concerning my new favorite Twitter account, and that’s the one thing noticeably missing are the hot black women for Trump. That’s not to say black #BabesForTrump don’t exist, the extremely attractive Stacey Dash has professed her support for The Donald, we just haven’t seen them officially flair up with the hashtag.

If you’re as interested in this new development as we are, do yourself a favor and follow @BabesForTrump on Twitter. They’re constantly adding submitted photos of Donald’s hottest fans to their timeline.

But real talk, does Melania Trump have anything to worry about?

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