Ballsy Man Takes Selfie With EgyptAir Hijacker Wearing Explosive Belt

Earlier today, a disturbed Egyptian man hijacked EgyptAir Flight MS181 and demanded that the plane land in Cyprus.
Moments later, an even crazier passenger asked the hijacker–who claimed to be wearing a suicide vest–for a selfie photo.
Update–3:26 PM EST: We have more information on the selfie, including a name. The insane person who posed for the photo is named Ben Innes, a 26-year-old British man.
I’m not claiming to understand what’s going through the mind of Ben, a man who believes he’s going to blow up at 70,000 feet, but I can’t imagine that asking your future murderer for a couple thousand “likes” is among the most important things to do.
It’s like the 2016 version of Brian McKnight’s “Back At One” music video, but instead of calling his girlfriend or wife he’s taking one for the ‘Gram.
Anyways, we digress. Check out the soon to be infamous Egypt Air selfie below.
Thankfully the whole situation ended peacefully. The hijacker was not a terrorist, but in fact a disturbed Egyptian man who wanted to pass along a message to his wife living in Cyprus. Once Flight MS181 landed at the Larnaca airport, the hijacker released all the passengers but eight. Eventually, he released the rest and turned himself in.

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