Rolling Stones Cuba Concert Set List: What The Pope Didn’t Want Played…


Rolling Stone Cuba Set List F

The Rolling Stones played Havana last night for free — and it was just like old times as an authority figure pleaded with the band to show some damn respect. Pope Francis, who’s seven whole years younger than Mick Jagger, asked the band not to perform a rollicking set in Cuba on Good Friday. Instead, the band took to the stage to roaring fans. Mick even addressed the crowd in perfect Spanish, because he’s been picking up babes on an international level since 1964.

And, as seen via the band’s Twitter account, the Stones put together a pretty great set list. They’ve been a real crowd-pleasing live act for decades, but there are really no complaints here for your average Stones fans on any island nation. We’re not sure who requested “All Down the Line,” though. Maybe that was the Pope again. If the band was going to go ahead and play, they might as well do a deep cut from Exile On Main Street, right? That could’ve been something the Pope wanted to hear…

Rolling Stone Cuba Set List

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