WATCH: Nicki Minaj Goes After Dubai Security Guard Mid-Concert [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj Security Guard Video

Nicki Minaj is fierce, alright. Especially when she catches her security in a place like Dubi not paying attention to the crowd during her concerts. Nicki was very unhappy on Friday night when she looked over and saw some Security stooge sitting on the stage and playing Angry Birds (or something) when he should’ve been watching out for terrorists or crazed fans.

So, as captured here, Nicki strode right over and confiscated that phone like a boss. Which she is. Literally, to this guy. So, good for Nicki for stopping a perfectly solid rendition of “Feeling Myself” to go lay down the law to some lazy bastard. We hope she went ballistic after the show, too, and doesn’t give that guard back his phone until the end of the school year…


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