New Movie Trailers: ‘The Nice Guys,’ ‘The Lego Batman Movie,’ And More… [VIDEOS]

Lego Batman Movie Trailer

Batman v. Superman is the big deal this weekend, but we saw it early enough to get a lot more excited about another Batman movie trailer this week. A few more movies also came bounding out to get us convinced that 2016 might be the year to skip a few big-budget epics and consider checking out some more unexpected pleasures. Take a look at a few films that are coming out that won’t get massive pushes, but deserve your attention now….

The LEGO Batman Movie

Yeah, we weren’t expecting The LEGO Movie to be one of the best pictures of 2014, but plenty of young adults and grown men were soon checking out what could’ve been a kiddie franchise. Now we’re getting that same grown-up mindset in The LEGO Batman Movie — with Will Arnett back as Batman’s growling voice, and a first trailer that promises as many weird twists as the first LEGO production…..

The Nice Guys

Here’s our second look at Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as, respectively, a lowlife private eye and a cheap thug in a ’70s-set throwback. We mean it’s a throwback to many actual films of the ’70s. Writer/director Shane Black may be best known as a hero of ’80s action, but he’s really working a good vibe in this tale of two losers investigating a dead porn star. This really does feel like a film that would’ve starred Elliott Gould and George Segal back in the day…..

War Dogs

The gun-running film Arms and the Dudes gets a name change with this new trailer — probably because the studio figured no one would appreciate the classical reference in this new movie from Hangover director Todd Phillips. The movie’s based on the true story of two twentysomethings who ended making big money during the Iraq War by supplying guns to the Afghan military. Then, not surprisingly, things got crazy.  Jonah Hill and Miles Teller star, and that should really work. You’re not supposed to like these douches…


And here’s a cheap found-footage horror movie that has us unexpectedly freaked out. Altar is about some old college buddies who get together for a weekend that gets really creepy. It’s the kind of film that we keep hoping to find in those budget multiple-DVD boxes that we keep buying in the cheap bins because we still have a DVD player and we keep hoping for more movies like Altar — or at least movies that have enough moments to put together a trailer like this…

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