LISTEN: Asking Alexandria, The Black Stream: New Album

Asking Alexandria’s new album The Black has arrived, and like the band themselves, it doesn’t quit. The hard-working Englishmen are pretty much perpetually either touring or releasing new albums. Three singles have already been released: “I Won’t Give In,” the titular “The Black,” and “Let It Sleep.”

Stream Asking Alexandria’s The Black

Spotify is the place to go, like always, if you want to pipeline The Black into your headphones without all that fussy “occupying space on hard drive” nonsense.

Buy Asking Alexandria’s The Black on iTunes

On the other hand, some folks like owning the album, and for those people, iTunes is the place to download The Black so it’s both on your device and cloud-accessible.

Buy Asking Alexandria’s The Black on Amazon

But you, sir, you, I can tell, are a discerning customer, and no mere stream of 1s and 0s is enough for you. You need to hold The Black in your hands and own it digitally. Amazon exists for people like you.

Buy Asking Alexandria’s The Black at Target

Now your old-school collector doesn’t care about digital, he just wants that album, and it’s hard to beat Target’s $9 price point.

Asking Alexandria’s The Black Track List

1. Let It Sleep
2. The Black
3. I Won’t Give In
4. Sometimes It Ends
5. The Lost Souls
6. Just a Slave to Rock N’ Roll
7. Send Me Home
8. We’ll Be Okay
9. Here I Am
10. Gone
11. Undivided
12. Circled by the Wolves

Brendan once interviewed Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce while they were both drunk and/or hungover. You can tell him how much you enjoyed reading it on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

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