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Dude Gets Self-Esteem Demolished After Asking Hot Spring Breakers If They’d Sleep With Him

Spring Break Video


If I had a dollar for every time some random guy came up to me on the street asking if I’d have sex with him, I’d have like -$5. Who the f*ck asks that and why? That’s creepy as hell and I advise everyone with a pulse to never, ever do that. Ever. Unless they want to be perceived as the next Patrick Bateman, then by all means.

With that being said, it’s completely normal for chicks to be appalled when asked that question in reality. Thankfully we’ll never have to try it out – Cody from Smooth POV did it for us and the results were hilarious. Although dude was completely ripped apart and presumably has some self-esteem issues after returning.

See Cody here went to Lake Havasu to ask a bunch of hot girls whether or not they would sleep with him, and things went exactly the way you would think — except like way, way worse. Not only were a ton of the girls asked pretty pissed about the question, the others took it literal when he asked them why. The complaints were as follows:

“24? That’s old!”

“Umm…you’re a little skinny.”

“I like taller guys…”


Way to hold back the tears, Cody. Check out the full video below.

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