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WATCH: This Chick Accidentally Lit Her Crotch on Fire & It’s PAINFUL To Watch

Girl Lights Crotch on Fire


So, this is awkward.

A horrifying video went viral this week after dancer Gyal Flexi accidentally lit her crotch on fire during a routine. How did this happen, you might ask? Well, like any crotch fire usually does: Flexi rubbed alcohol on her shorts so she could light herself on fire for a second, then extinguish the flames like any genius would. Because it totally added to her routine and needed to be done. Totally. 

The video (which is below), shows nine horrifying seconds of the woman trying to put out the fire while simultaneously trying to keep her cool and keep dancing. But when your crotch is on fire, it’s pretty hard to do that:

Dear God.

According to TMZ, the woman is in good health (as are her lady parts, for the most part) and will compete later this year in an international fire-dancing contest in Jamaica. Unfortunately for Flexi, she did suffer first-degree burns all over her crotch and lost several layers of skin, which is equal parts nauseating and absolutely terrifying. But then it’s like, what exactly do you expect when you purposely light your vajay on fire?

If you really want to see the uncensored photo, you can find it on TMZ. But be warned — you can never unsee this.

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