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JetBlue Flight Attendant Goes Hard AF, Smuggles 70 Pounds Of Cocaine While On The Job


You ever seen the Johnny Depp movie Blow? The one where he plays cocaine smuggling crime lord George Jung? Well, at one point in that movie he uses a flight attendant to smuggle marijuana. Well, guess what people, someone tried that in real life: except with cocaine. Needless to say, it didn’t work as well as it did in the movie.`

According to the LA Times,  less than a day after she dropped a bag loaded with cocaine at a security checkpoint and sprinted out of Los Angeles International Airport, a JetBlue flight attendant managed to board one of her company’s planes and travel to New York City, a law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times.

Marsha Reynolds, a Queens, New York resident, was arrested in New York on Wednesday, being charged th possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. After a little investigative journalism (LOL), I found that the typical punishment for these type of charges in far from light, as Reynolds faces a minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted.:

Although the maximum and minimum sentences vary for intent to distribute, depending on the state where the crime is charged, any past criminal history, and any evidence of having sought drug treatment. In some states, possession of certain drugs for sale, such as schedule II drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine, can lead to sentences of up to 40 years in prison and fines of up to $50,000. In other states, sentences may start at 2 to 4 years in prison, but increase rapidly to 20 or even 30 years if certain aggravating circumstances (like having a large amount of the drugs) are shown.

So what happened, but more importantly, how in the absolute f*ck did she get a load of cocaine the size on a child onto a commercial airline?

Reynolds arrived at LAX’s Terminal 4 around 7 p.m. Friday and provided her badge to a Transportation Security Administration officer, according to the complaint. The officer confirmed that she was a pre-screened crew member when the scanner randomly selected her for additional security screening. Airport and airline staff aren’t subject to routine security checks at LAX.

Reynolds became nervous and made a phone call, talking to someone in a foreign language as she was escorted to a second checkpoint, the complaint said.

As they approached the checkpoint, Reynolds began to walk farther behind the security officer. When they arrived at the screening area, Reynolds dropped her luggage, kicked off her heels and sprinted away from the area, according to the complaint. She barreled down an escalator the wrong way, exited the terminal and kept racing toward Terminal 5, the complaint said.

Wow. What a sh*t shw. A for effort, but F for execution, Marsha.

Oh, and, this is Marsha:

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