Smoking Hot Weather Girl Has The Best Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV Since Janet Jackson

Why isn’t the news like this America? Every time I see a story about an excessively beautiful newscaster, she’s either Mexican or from somewhere in South America. Now it’s in Romania! F*ckin’ Europe, man. Ladies, ladies, haven’t you heard America is the land of opportunity? Bring those talents of yours stateside.

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25 year old newscaster Roxana Vancea was reading the forecast on Romanian television when she, luckily for us, had the brillant idea of jumping around in her low-cut V neck. Predictably, her rather largest chesticles had enough, and decided they were breaking free once and for all.
You are welcome.

Also, shout out to my dude at the way end of the video straight up pantomiming binoculars at the end. I’m sure he’s been waiting years to catch a glimpse of those warlocks.
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This brings back memories of the absolutely en fuego Mexican weather girl, Yanet Garcia. You remember her, right? If not, do yourself a favor and re-familiarize yourself.

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