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Japan Will Pay You To Be a Full-Time Ninja & THIS IS AMAZING

Ninja Japan Job


We’ve been covering a lot on dream jobs lately – breaking into the Cannabis industry, becoming a professional Instagrammer for Netflix – and now we’re adding another one to the list: professional ninja.

According to Thrillist, a job listing titled “Wanted: Full-time Ninjas,” was published in Aichi prefecture in Japan. The listing states that government officials are looking to six people who are good with acrobatics and martial arts to promote Japanese tourism by walking around in a ninja costume and kicking ass.

While it only pays $1,600 a month, you get to live in Japan and work as a f*cking ninja, so quit complaining. Transportation is also covered and an unspecified bonus is included in compensation… eventually, we think. Check out the full listing (in roughly translated English) below:

We were sold on the “you get to wear a ninja costume for numerous hours a day” part.

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