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Iggy Azalea Takes It Off For Schön! Magazine & Things Are Looking Reaaallyyy Nice


Iggy Azalea Sexiest Pics
Iggy Azalea has gotten some heat for questionable word vomit and plastic surgeries, but despite the bad press, she’s determined to stick around. And her new photo shoot for Schön! magazine gives good reason for it.

The “Fancy” popstar stripped down for the London-based magazine cover shoot, and gave new meaning to the “hand bra.” Check it out:

Iggy Azalea Hot Pics

Iggy Azalea Hot Photos
Iggy Azalea Sexy Photos

No matter what you say about her, she looks good.

Alongside the sexy photos – which will be hard to tear your eyes away from – is a lengthy interview, where she confesses she’d love to erase all of 2015. We also think that’s a good idea, but hey – at least it’s 2016. Make a change! And if these photos are any inclination of how the rest of her year will turn out, things are looking pretty damn good.

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