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WATCH: Little White Girl Uses The “N-Word”, Gets Punched Back To The Civil Rights Movememt


Kids these days, man. They won’t ever learn, will they? There are a couple ways to go about getting in a fight, and this video demonstrates the exact opposite. There are literally only a couple of vert BASIC GUIDELINES. They shouldn’t be hard to follow. Butttttt, this mouthy little white girl f*cked up in more ways than one.

-First: she used the “N-Word” rather aggressively. Never a smart move.

-Second: she picks a fight with a girl literally twice her size. I’m about 6 feet tall, 170 pounds. That’s like me going after a 7 foot dude weighing in over 300 pounds.

-Third: She actively entices a fight, and keeps her hands at her hips. B*tch, pick your hands up. Fighting 101.

All in all, this video is everything a viral video should be. Quick, simple, funny, and comes with a fat serving of Karma.

Brutal, right? Well check out the after photo. Chick got absolutely eithered.


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