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USC Professor Arrested For Cooking Meth With His Sister

USC Meth

Total Frat Move

A former USC professor was just arrested for running an extensive meth ring with his sister – and he didn’t even have cancer.

John Allen Hancock IV was a former English teacher at the University of South Carolina before his arrest. According to The Daily Gamecock, Hancock served as a part-time member of the teaching staff for USC’s English Program for Internationals, which is not part of the Department of English.

Hancock and his sister turned themselves Tuesday morning after police invaded a methamphetamine manufacturing operation in a Trenholm Road-area neighborhood earlier in the month.

Both have since been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and improper disposal of methamphetamine waste, which really, is the most annoying thing about this whole situation. Learn how to recycle you douche – you’re contributing to global warming!

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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