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Texas Football Coach Threatens To Hang Black Players By Their Toes

Football Racist Texas


Todd Campbell, a Centennial High School assistant football coach, is undergoing public scrutiny after threatening several black players, saying that he would “hang them from their toes” if they didn’t stop misbehaving.

According to The Dallas Morning News, documents detailing the incident were released from the Frisco school district earlier this week.

Students said coach Todd Campbell also stereotyped black students by claiming that they must run fast because they were eating fried chicken or drinking Kool-Aid. He would also say “esé,” a Spanish slang for “homeboy,” around Latino students and use the term “cracker,” according to documents released to The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday under an open records request.

Campbell resigned in early January after several students came forward to school authorities and complained that he was making racist comments to them. An investigation is still working its way to find if the allegations are in fact true.

Campbell has not made public comment, but the recent findings don’t look good. However, the newspaper stated that “during the district’s investigation, [Campbell] denied making any racially charged remarks, calling them “false accusations.” He told authorities that he made only one comment, in reference to “Malcolm X glasses” on a student, and that what he said wasn’t meant as a derogatory statement.” Parents and students say differently – apparently problems started last April.

In one instance, he was trying to quiet a group of students. “You need to be quiet. You see that rope over there, you see that tree back there, I’m going to hang you in that tree. I’m going to hang you by your toes,” Campbell said, according to one student who shared it with district officials

The coach also had four students pose and then pulled up a picture of the R&B group New Edition and compared them.

Complaints were also filed with the head coach, who has yet to speak out about the investigation.

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