PCB Spring Break 2016: Must-See Photos & Best Videos

For years, Panama City Beach was the mecca of Spring Break–and for all the crazy party photos and videos that came out of PCB, there were millions upon millions of debaucherous memories that were too wild to record. Things got so wild (borderline dangerous), that COED even crowned Panama City Beach as the #1 Trashiest Spring Break destination last year.
But this year things were supposed to be different. Drinking on the beach was made illegal for the month of March. The city ordered bars to shut down two hours earlier. Reports indicated that attendance would drop a full 30%.
Whether or not those figures are correct, we can report that things seem like they’re back to their old ways (minus the drinking on the beach). The Holiday Inn is still blasting Lion King to wake people up, La Vela is still as packed as ever, and college kids are still throwing and rocking not much else but beads.
We’ve pulled the best Panama City Spring Break photos and videos from 2016 and put them into this one post.


Panama City Beach Spring Break Photos

Panama City Beach Spring Break Videos







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"Average" Number of Gulf Shores Arrests During Spring Break Is Too Damn High
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