"Average" Number of Gulf Shores Arrests During Spring Break Is Too Damn High

Gulf Shores, Alabama is once again one a Spring Break hotspot this year, but we chose to exclude it from our Trashiest Spring Break destinations because we thought it was clear that the police weren’t going to be too hospitable to party animals. Apparently no one else got that message.
Fox10 reports that the Gulf Shores Police Department has made 156 arrests. “The majority involved underage drinking and public intoxication.” Even crazier is that this number is average. Crazier still is that we’re only ten days into Spring Break.
“Our police officers are going to these large congregations where there are kids partying on the beach and they are very slowly, methodically going through and checking kids for identification and make sure they’re of age,” says Gulf Shores Director of Cultural Affairs Grant Brown. “The ones that are not behaving themselves, they are removing and arresting.”
We can completely understand why Gulf Shores is such a popular Spring Break destination–it’s got beautiful beaches, good weather, and tons of houses available for rent. But for God’s sakes people, spending the night (or the weekend) in jail is not the way to go.
Do you see any bail money or handcuffs in this Gulf Shores Spring Break recap? Nope.

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