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Girl Finds Out Her Boyfriend is Cheating On Her, Gets Revenge With Hilarious Poster

Cheating Get Back

Total Frat Move

GUYS! Cheating. It’s so bad. And yet, everyone keeps on doing it despite the known consequences. With that being said, we’re bringing you yet another cheating story gone wrong. One filled with hilarious revenge and genuine shame.

Yesterday, Total Frat Move posted an epic college cheating story after they received the following email from a reader:

My fraternity brother, Jordan, has apparently been playing with fire again. Some crazy girl who thought she was his girlfriend got wind he was messing around with another girl. She did what I assume any other insane person would do and put these fliers (see picture) all around town.

The second photo shows how many fliers one of our fraternity brothers took down on his walk back from class.

That “crazy girl” really went to f*cking town. Here were her posters:

Cheating Fail

Total Frat Move

Cheating Revenge

Total Frat Move

No additional details about Jordan, Julia, and (presumably) his ex-nameless girlfriend were given, but we can assume things didn’t end great for anyone involved. Were they in a straight-up monogamous relationship? Did they have The Talk beforehand? Was Jordan confused about what “monogamous” meant?

We may never know, but you should know this – make sure everyone is on the same page before you go off licking some other girl’s a** hole.

So once again, can we all take a lesson from this? CAN WE?! SO THIS CAN BE DONE WITH?!

Actually, scratch that – keep up the stupidity, I need a good laugh at least once a day.

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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