March Madness Selection Sunday 2016: Date, Start Time, And Where To Watch…

It’s time to wrap up the conference tournament play and start betting foolishly with the advent of Selection Sunday — the biggest day in college basketball! Well, at least for teams who haven’t already won a championship, or the teams who’ll go on to end up at the top of the brackets. [photo via…]

Selection Sunday is mostly a big deal for colleges who are waiting to find out if they ‘re a big enough deal to make it into the 68-team NCAA Tournament field. That’s a lot of teams, so it is kind of insulting not to end up getting at least one shot at March Madness, right?  Anyway, here’s where you can tune in to see who’s made the cut — and we’ll also cover what the cut involves…

What the hell is Selection Sunday?

Selection Sunday is the big day when colleges overseen by the NCAA Division I men’s basketball committee learn which teams have made the cut for that year’s basketball championships. It’s also the official start of March Madness. There are a few colleges (Seton Hall, Stony Brook, and UNC Asheville, for example) who are already set to compete after winning their conference championships. March Madness is all about big upsets, though, so a lot college teams still have a chance to get into the game. It’s a big bracket, too, with teams joining in from plenty of college conferences.

What time does Selection Sunday start?

Live coverage of Selection Sunday starts today — that being Sunday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m. ET.

What TV channel is offering live coverage of Selection Sunday?

Selection Sunday is being carried live on both the CBS network and — so one of those will be easier to follow on the sly.

What about women’s basketball, you sexist oppressor?

Oh, damn. Almost forgot. All of the women’s teams who made the cut for the NCAA tournament will be named on Monday, March 14th. There is no cute name for that day. It wouldn’t be funny.

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