SNL Highlight: Ariana Grande & Other 'Mermaids' [VIDEO]

Ariana Grande hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and management must have really laid down the law about the writers showcasing the star in every way possible. That’s nice. At least Ariana came in ready to work, and she was the least likely person on stage to get caught staring at her cue cards.
A lot of the show still seemed kind of forced —  like a skit where Ariana was a Tidal intern forced to cover a tech problem by doing vocal impersonations of assorted divas. That also included a gag that would’ve been more appropriate for the Kids Choice Awards. Also, it was a Tidal skit instead of iTunes, which reminded us of when Peter Parker used Bing in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Having to always showcase Ariana also meant there wasn’t as much tired political comedy, which was a pleasant surprise. (Larry David still found an excuse to stop by, though.) There was also a pretty important Jennifer Lawrence impersonation. The musical numbers were a big disappointment, though. We keep hoping for Ariana to make a perfect pop move that’s worthy of her white go-go boots. That does not happen.
At least there was a fun mermaid skit that felt like old-skool Saturday Night Live. Check that out, and try not to be sad that SNL writers don’t even trust the viewership to know what a blowfish looks like anymore….

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