Ariana Grande SNL Nip-Slip: A Thorough Analysis Of ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ [VIDEO + GIFS]


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The controversy continues over Ariana Grande’s appearance on Saturday Night Live as host and musical guest — which is kind of funny, since Ariana’s opening monologue was about trying to generate more controversy in her career. We don’t really care about rumors that she might have accidentally cursed during one of her two songs. Anything would’ve helped to have livened those moment up.

We are, however, very intrigued of rumors of a nip-slip during her (very impressive) turn as Jennifer Lawrence in a Family Feud spoof. A lot of viewers got excited when their steady ogling was rewarded with the following shot…

Ariana Grande 1

But that’s not an Ariana Grande nip-slip. It’s not even a Jennifer Lawrence nip-slip. It’s a microphone. Yeah. We’re kind of sad that we know enough to ruin the illusion, but now you know where they hide the microphone when a gal is in a really revealing outfit.

But we can’t blame people for getting excited. We’re thinking that maybe even the NBC censors got nervous about how that looked. This SNL video from an Ariana Grande fan site looks a lot tamer. We’re thinking that it might be from the West Coast feed, and that NBC used a rehearsal scene for that broadcast. It’s possible…

NBC hasn’t returned our calls yet, though. We wouldn’t, either. And don’t be too disappointed. Ariana still gave us lots of memorable images from last night. Consider this from the “Mermaids” skit that we already called as a highlight…

Ariana Grande 2

Plus this is a memorable moment from a song. It might not offer up white go-go boots, but we like it a lot…

Ariana Grande 3

And look at how Larry David made Ariana Grande laugh at the end. Oh, if only she had been bent over more with laughter. Or if Kate McKinnon had come through a little more with that hug at the end. Okay, a lot of things could’ve gone better here, but there’s still nothing to complain about just because the rumors of a wardrobe malfunction didn’t come through…

Ariana Grande 5

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