SummerLove Swimwear's 'Bikini Babe Of The Week' Is Here To Get You Through Friday

It’s Friday, so to reward you for making it to the end of the week, we’re bringing you photos of SummerLove Swimwear‘s Bikini Babe of the Week. Why? Because we’re just that nice. You’re welcome.
Jocelyn Chew is a Wilhelmina model who boasts over 236,000 Instagram followers, and rightfully so. The Icelandic/Chinese/Canadian beauty rocks SummerLove Swimwear arguably better than like 99.9 percent of the population. I think it’s safe to say that she is #bodygoals or #girlfriendgoals…or basically any other kind of #goals you can think of.
Image courtesy of SummerLove Swimwear
If you haven’t heard of SummerLove Swimwear before, now’s the time. The California based eco-friendly line was recently featured in Sports Illustrated and only uses the best swimwear models in the industry to show off their sexy bikinis, including mega hottie Charlotte McKinney.
Founder and designer, Vanessa Rivers was inspired to create the brand after years of searching for swimsuits that were both eco-friendly and beautiful. As an an avid surfer, Rivers is into preserving the environment, but also wanted to look and feel confident as well.
“Surfing taught me two important things that I applied to my line. First, to have a great respect for our environment and second, how important it is to have a swimsuit that makes you look and feel good,” she said. “Most of the eco swimwear lines that I saw were not functional or stylish and I began to realize that there was a void in the market. I wanted to create swimwear that was chic and affordable, allowing women to buy green and still look gorgeous.”
Our Miss COED 2016 finalists were lucky enough to receive some of SummerLove’s awesome bikinis, and to say they were excited is an understatement.

SummerLove Swimwear features a Bikini Babe Of The Week every Friday in the Bikini News section on their website. The best part? You can also receive the Bikini Babe Of The Week in your inbox. (Yes, dreams really do come true).
Miss COED 2016 second-runner up, Jillian Walker is rocking her SummerLove Swimwear bikini with her BFF on the sunny shores of Costa Rica.

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