Girl Brags She Was Motorboated by Rob Gronkowski & Yeah, We Get It

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand more times: Rob Gronkowski is the f*cking man. Aside from his kickass dance movesballin’ vacations, and the fact that he’s been linked to several gorgeous women (Marisa Hunter and Camille Kostek included), he also manages to have a pretty sweet off-season. Like hang out with this random hot girl and motorboat her at an undisclosed location.
There’s Twitter proof, and that’s all we need:
Awesome. This isn’t the first time Gronk pulled the move on an innocent sexy bystander. Charleston, anyone?
But of course, each motorboating experience is still special in its own way. Especially when the girl looks like Katie LaRowe.
Check out her hot photos below.

Shanina Shaik: Hottest Photos on the Internet
Shanina Shaik: Hottest Photos on the Internet
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