Dree Hemingway: Hottest Photos on the Internet

Hemingway is a name we all know, particularly from that time you didn’t read Old Man and The Sea senior year of high school. But now it’s showing up in the form of a really hot retro-style blonde, and we don’t hate it.
Dree Hemingway is an American fashion model and actress who is also related to the late great brotastic author. She is his great granddaughter, and she’s defintiely making the man proud.
Previously snagging modeling campaigns with Topshop, Givenchy, and Calvin Klein, Hemingway has also starred in films like Starlet, While We’re Young, and Listen Up Phillip. Sure, we’ve never heard of them, but the fact that she’s played a role in them might be reason enough to check them out.
Check out her hottest photos below.

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