LISTEN: The Violent Femmes, We Can Do Anything Stream: New Album

The Violent Femmes new album stream


The Violent FemmesWe Can Do Anything hits stores today after an incredibly long break since their last record, Freak Magnet (seriously, that’s how long it’s been. It was a record).

We Can Do Anything even includes some updated classic material: unreleased B-sides and demos like “Memory” were actually pulled out of The Violent Femmes’ archives.

Fans waited a long time for We Can Do Anything. Not a high school dance goes by without the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” being played, but it’s been 15 years since Freak Magnet. That’s enough time for all those high schoolers to lose their virginity at prom, freak out when they realize they’re pregnant, raise their kid on Violent Femmes songs, and send them to prom to begin the cycle anew: all before We Can Do Anything even comes out.

Fortunately, that wait is over, and to listen to We Can Do Anything you’ve got a lot of options (unlike your teen parents who sacrificed so much so you could have these first-wave punk albums).

Stream The Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything

Strut your stuff over to Spotify to hear We Can Do Anything. Just don’t let anyone know you’re so strung out. If you’re not on Spotify, this link might work for you Canadian listeners.

Stream The Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything


Buy The Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything on iTunes

If your internet connection is spotty, pre-load your phone with We Can Do Anything on iTunes.

Buy The Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything on Amazon

Remember when we said Freak Magnet was a record? Well so is the vinyl edition of We Can Do Anything, via Amazon. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a free digital copy, same as you would with the CD.

The Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything Track List

1. Memory
2. I Could Be Anything
3. Issues
4. Holy Ghost
5. What You Really Mean
6. Foothills
7. Travelling Solves Everything
8. Big Car
9. Untrue Love
10. I’m Not Done

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