LISTEN: Miike Snow, iii Stream: New Album

Miike Snow’s iii is out, and an appropriate title for the group’s third album. The Swedish trio slows it down and styles it up for their latest indie pop album, so of course you’re going to want to listen to their latest effort.

Two videos from iii are already released: “Genghis Khan,” a fan-theory tribute to 007 villains, and “Heart Is Full,” a stylish genre battle that’s somewhere between Akira, Infamous, and Ghost Rider.

Miike Snow performed brass-heavy versions of “Heart Is Full” and “Genghis Khan” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. But that’s not enough for you! You want more! Alright, here’s where to find it.

Stream Miike Snow iii album

Miike Snow’s iii is streaming on Spotify if you want to hear it now.

Buy Miike Snow’s iii on iTunes

iTunes has Miike Snow’s iii as well, with half the album issued as singles prior to its release today.

Buy Miike Snow’s iii on Amazon

Amazon gives you an MP3 copy of Miike Snow’s iii if you buy the physical album. Or save a couple bucks and just buy the digital copy.

Buy Miike Snow’s iii at Target

Good luck finding iii at Target or Walmart. The album’s not currently showing up on either store’s website. Though it may be waiting for official release to go live, rather than preorder.

iii Track List

1. My Trigger
2. The Heart Of Me
3. Genghis Khan
4. Heart Is Full
5. For U (feat. Charli XCX)
6. I Feel The Weight
7. Back Of The Car
8. Lonely Life
9. Over And Over
10. Longshot (7 Nights)

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