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PSU Is Finally Opening Things Back Up For State Paddy’s Day!


Penn State Paddy's Day 2016

All throughout high school and as I started applying to colleges, my older brother would always say to me, “If you get into Penn State you have to go.” I always wondered why. I mean, it’s the same as all the other Big 10 schools, right? Well, I thought that until I experienced my first State Patty’s weekend, an entire weekend donated to the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day with enormous green infested daylongs, green wigs, and a whole lot of beer. Every store in State College aligns their windows with green clothing at least three weeks prior to get students hype about the infamous weekend approaching, and it’s finally here.

In the last few years, State College has cracked down on State Patty’s Day because of the violence, crimes, and underage possession arrests that it caused. Bars close down, fraternities ban parties, and cops are on every street corner. “Don’t wear green,” they say, “because you will be stopped by the police if they suspect you’re drunk.”

However, this year frats are allowed to hold their normal functions and bars will actually be open, meaning this student-created holiday will be as crazy as it was in the good ol days. Even if it does live up to expectations, Penn State students will find a way to keep the spirit of their holiday alive, we always do.

  • COED Writer