These Are The 20 Most Expensive Cities in The World, Get Ready For Tears

Moving can be difficult when there’s so many awesome places in the world to check out. New York City, LA, Chicago – the options for sweet city living are endless. But when you’re just starting out on the job market and new to paying bills, finding out how much things cost can be tough. Actually, it’s worse than tough – it’s literally heartbreaking. To make the bleak truth more in your face, Savills unveiled their latest Live/Work Index, listing out the top twenty most expensive places in the world to live.

Cue up those waterworks.

Per Savills:

The average total cost of accommodation per worker, per year in the 20 cities measured is US$56,855, a combination of established world cities and their dynamic up and coming rivals, dubbed “upstarts” by Savills. This ranges from US$16,500 in Rio de Janeiro to US$112,800 in London, closely followed by New York and Hong Kong. San Francisco saw the greatest price rise over 2015, up by 13%, compared to a 9% fall in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro, and is top of the table in A.T. Kearney’s Ranking for Global City ‘Future Potential’.

They also found that the most expensive city to live and work in is London, which will apparently cost you $112,800 per year. WTF LONDON?! WTF?!

New York City is a close second, with it’s astronomical $111,300 live/work price tag. Here’s the full list:

Most Expensive Cities London


I’d say let’s all move to Rio de Janeiro, but chances of making $16k there are pretty damn slim. Guess we’ll just have to settle for Chicago – that could work!

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