This College is Banning Energy Drinks For The Most Bizarre Reason Ever

If you attend Middleburg College, you’ll have to find a new way to get your caffeine fix—the school has decided to ban the use of energy drinks on campus. Say goodbye to Monster, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, and whatever else rots your teeth while turning your into a hyper maniac.

The reason? Officials say the drinks are contributing to their students’ alcohol abuse and high-risk sexual activity; plus, it goes against their mission to encourage healthier lives for their students. Come again?

The official flyer on school property states, “Energy drink consumption facilitates unhealthy work habits such as prolonged periods of sleeplessness, contributing to a campus culture of stress and unsustainable study habits.”

Not only do they believe it links students to alcohol abuse and sexual activity, but they also found it to increase the likelihood of drunk driving and drug use.
Students have already begun protesting against the decision, despite the fact that the ban has been approved by the college’s Community Council, which includes 12 current students from the school.

We’re kind of confused on their logic… it sounds like they should be protesting alcohol instead. Right?

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