Abby Champion: Hottest Photos on the Internet

Patrick Schwartznegger has had a string of hot girlfriends – most notably, Miley Cyrus – but his latest fling is something else entirely. Abby Champion isn’t just a bombshell, she’s literally hot enough to make your heart stop beating. Now that’s impressive.
The 19-year-old blonde is a model signed to NEXT Models and originally from Birmingham, Alabama. The two were recently seen celebrating Champion’s 19th birthday in LA on February 28th. No word on how long they’ve been together, but at this point we don’t even care. Our eyes are on Abby Champion, and it’s really hard to tear them away from her.
Aside from her, Champion also has a really hot sister who represented Alabama in a 2014 Miss Teen USA pageant. Finally, a family we can get behind.
Check out Abby Champion’s hottest photos below.
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