Samantha Hoopes: Hottest Photos on the Internet

Samantha Hoopes is one of the hottest swimsuit models out there right now, and if you aren’t aware of what she looks like in said swimsuit, you need to get on it.
The 25-year-old blonde model originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania is killing it in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and we’re stoked to have her back. She first appeared in a sexy spread for the magazine in 2014, for its 50th-anniversary edition. From there, her success grew virtually overnight.
After graduating from Penn State University and giving up her dream of becoming a gym teacher, Hoopes hit it big in the modeling world with the SI photo shoot and countless GUESS ads, where her curves and gorgeous limbs were shown to the world in several pairs of short shorts. In short: we loved it.
Check out her hottest photos below and get to know her a bit better.

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Sage Steele: Hottest Photos Of The ESPN Reporter
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