'Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest & Birthright Review & Must-See Details

After a sleepy 2015, Nintendo is starting off the year right for 3DS owners, unleashing two of the best strategy games the system has ever seen.
Game: Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest and Birthright)
Consoles: 3DS (reviewed)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Release Date: Feb. 19
Two Fire Emblem games — Conquest and Birthright, came out Friday on the system. Just like that, there are dozens of hours of addictive turn-based strategy to find a way to squeeze into your schedule.
Birthright is the more traditional game, with the standard quest to help an exile take on an evil kingdom and overthrow its corrupt monarch. You put together a party and make your way through the saga by juggling your party members, inventory items and special attacks.
Conquest is the more difficult of the two games, which puts you on the other side of the confluct. In that game, you’re inside of the kingdom and tasks you to try to change it by wielding your power and influence inside. Experience points and resources are harder to come by, forcing you to make tougher, more thoughtful decisions with your resources.

Unlike the slightly varied Pokemon games, both Conquest and Birthright are completely separate games, with their own offshoot storylines. If you make it deep into either story, you can buy the other version of the game for $20, allowing you to skip the first five chapters and reach the same point in the other game. A downloadable third campaign story, which will also cost $20, will drop March 10.

Whichever version you go with, there’s no choosing wrong. Both games offer intense challenge and intriguing sets of missions. Whether or not you’re familiar with past Fire Emblem games, you’re in for a tense ride that will probably get you to cough up the money for the other two storylines.


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Fire Emblem Fates Reviews Around The Web:

“The intense difficulty is squarely aimed at veteran Fire Emblem players, and its satisfying campaign is full of variety and challenge.” –Engadget
“Conquest on the other hand is a more enjoyable from my perspective as a strategy veteran.” –Destructoid
“Birthright is a grueling, fantastic experience that not only matches the quality of its predecessor but possibly outshines it as well, more than earning its place at the table of must-play strategy/RPGs.” –Game Informer

Fire Emblem Fates Screenshots:

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