Tumblr Isn’t Just a Blog, It’s Adult Content for Women


When you think Tumblr, you think, blogs. But did you know that of Tumblr’s 200,000 most-visited blogs, 11.4 percent of them (around 22,775) host adult content.

Over half of Tumblr’s users are young women, between 18 and 29. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that anecdotal evidence points to a growing number of women are using Tumblr to find images that will get them off.

How on earth is Tumblr able to get away with this?

Here’s the thing: Tumblr is far more liberal when it comes to explicit imagery than a platform like Instagram, where a nipple can get your account suspended.

Sexy Tumblr blogs tend to be geared toward women, primarily straight women. They have names like “Yummy P0rn for Girls,” “P0rn Gifs for Women” and “Girls Love Sex Too.” They contain a mix of X-rated GIFs, photographs, illustrations, audio clips and written stories.

Adult content on Tumblr is a thrillingly diverse assortment of bite-sized sexual imagery. Women aren’t only actively viewing them, they are curating it.

The trick in uncovering these hidden jewels is knowing how to search for them. Tags are your best friend. They are the code to Tumblr’s adult content secret society, which is hiding in plain sight.

Tumblr’s simple layout — complete with short, digestible clips you can look at and get off to anytime, anywhere — bests the messiness of mainstream adult content sites. Plus, it’s free! What more do we need? Sign us up!

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