Malin Akerman: Hottest Photos On The Internet Of The Billions Actress

Gorgeous and talented with an ample dash of sex-appeal to match, Billions actress Malin Akerman is a Swedish-born Canadian bombshell who has been making jaws drop and drool worldwide since she first stepped foot on camera. Ok maybe not; she was only five when she starred in her first commercial after all! But when we first spotted her back in 2000 playing an itty bitty role in the action drama The Skulls, the droolage was instant.
So what’s so hot about Malin Akerman? A better question might be “What isn’t hot about Malin Akerman?” Well, not only did she begin her acting career at the young age of 5, but she also went on to win the Canadian title of Ford Supermodel when she was 17 and walked the cat walk for three years in Europe before making her way to the states. Originally planning to become a teacher, she was offered a role on the late 90’s Canadian TV series Earth: Final Conflict in 1997, which in turn led to her deciding to pursue acting instead. Now, with a very long list of performances in both films and TV series, Malin Akerman has easily become one of Hollywood’s finest. Plus, she sure does look hot on Showtime’s new crime series Billions, doesn’t she? Ok, that might have been a loaded question; we’re pretty sure it’s not even possible for this woman to not look hot!
With the ability to flawlessly transform into virtually any role under the sun and so much hotness that it doesn’t seem realistic; Billions actress Malin Akerman is by far one of the finest actresses that Hollywood has to offer! See for yourself by checking out her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below.

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