Charlotte McKinney Wins The Daytona 500 — Along With Some Guy…. [PHOTOS]


Charlotte McKinney Daytona 500 8

Charlotte McKinney went to Florida for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway — and Aric Almirola didn’t win. Denny Hamlin ended up in the lead, but at least Aric can say that he got to pose with Charlotte McKinney before the race. [photo: Sean Gardner/Getty]

A few celebrities got to make that claim, too. In fact, we’d say that Charlotte McKinney was the biggest draw in Daytona this weekend, judging from these pics. You’ll see Charlotte brightening the weekend of Gerard Butler, Wyclef Jean, and those two guys from Florida-Georgia Line.

Charlotte is maintaining her own high profile, too, with a turn in the upcoming Late Bloomer — in which an adult male has an operation that suddenly sends him through puberty at an accelerated rate. We went through the same thing when we say Charlotte’s latest Carl’s Jr. commercial last October.

And if you weren’t at Daytona over the weekend, the following pics will assure you that it was warm enough there for Charlotte to dress casually and gets lots of pulses racing. Take a look and ponder where Charlotte will turn up next. We’ll keep watching the skies — and the tracks…

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