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Shia LaBeouf’s 24-Hour Elevator Ride Is Over — Watch For His Talk [VIDEO]


Shia LaBeouf Oxford Elevator

Shia LaBeouf has ended his 24-hour ride in an elevator at Oxford University — which was a performance art piece to set up his talk at the esteemed academy later today. You can see that talk via the video later below, which is currently archiving the final moments of Shia’s stay.

The esteemed actor will discuss his long elevator ride, which — in a pretty disappointing twist for a place like Oxford — mainly had people lining up to ride with Shia for a while and take selfies. The high point was when a fellow performance artist asked Shia to punch him in the face.

The punch wasn’t captured on camera, but Shia seemed to think it was as loony as riding in an elevator for 24 hours. Or maybe he was worried that the performance artist’s vision involved a lawsuit against a celebrity.

We wish that somebody would give us a chance to punch a performance artist in the face.

Anyway, keep checking in on the video below, where the final shots of the empty elevator will eventually be replaced by Shia’s address to the fine folks of Oxford University. That’ll probably explain everything…

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