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New Movie Trailers: ‘Midnight Special’ And More [VIDEOS]


Midnight Special Trailer Video

There wasn’t a single big summer blockbuster making a bow in the world of trailers this week — but we still got a lot pleasant surprises. Check out these modest productions which are hoping to turn a decent profit before the summer film season really starts. Well, one of them is probably strictly straight-to-video. Even that one’s got a good twist, though. You’ll probably just watch the trailer, though…

Midnight Special

We still say this looks like a Firestarter remake — which, for those who don’t follow those things, was an ’80s movie based on a Stephen King novel about government agents chasing down a kiddie with special powers. At this point, though, we’ve heard enough critics we respect saying that the movie is a lot more than just another attempt at setting up a new teen franchise. There’s enough eerie imagery here to get us hoping this modest movie manages to break out big….

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

Netflix has stepped up to produce this surprise sequel to the trippy action movie from 2000 — with acrobatic Asian fighters trying to keep an evil warlord from getting his hands on a great warrior’s sword. Donnie Yen takes the lead, and Michelle Yeoh shows she still has it as an aging kung-fu heroine. Now we just have to remember the plot of the first one…

Kindergarten Cop 2

We were hoping for more of a gritty reboot when word got out that Dolph Lundgren had taken on this very unexpected sequel. (Yes, even more so than Crouching Tiger 2 suddenly happening.) Instead, this startlingly retro trailer makes it clear that Kindergarten Cop 2 is even more of a kiddie movie than the first one. That’s a waste of some fine casting, then. They could’ve just signed on Larry the Cable Guy….

The Darkness

“Hey, Mikey,” says Kevin Bacon in this creepy trailer — and he isn’t asking the kid to try some Life cereal. (Google dat.) This thriller looks to be a seriously disturbing look at more kids terrorized by creatures who have a real influence on their artwork. Also, this new crop of demons (or werewolves, or whatever) have dirty hands that are a supernatural challenge to a Mr. Clean eraser. We’re still interested, though…

10 Cloverfield Lane

And, finally, here’s the latest sneak look at the Cloverfield movie that came out of nowhere. This is the commercial the studio threw together for the Walking Dead premiere, and we get the premise that Mary Ellen Winstead thinks John Goodman is crazy as he keeps her in his bomb shelter hiding from something. We still don’t know what’s happening, but that sure sounds like the original Cloverfield Monster’s roar at the end of this spot…

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