Ramarni Ball: Hottest Photos of Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

Ramarni Ball is reportedly Floyd Mayweather‘s new girlfriend, which probably wouldn’t be as newsworthy if she wasn’t 19-years-old and he 38. But alas, here we are!
The former professional boxer has four kids, all ranging in age from 11 to 15, making this even more disturbing. On the bright side, Ramarni, who is presumably a student and not doing anything else with her life because she’s barely an adult, is beautiful. Does that make it any less creepy? No, but it makes it easier for us to understand… we guess.
According to Mirror, the two met during a fan event at Bar Sport in Cannock on February 12. Apparently she spent more than $600 to get in and meet him. Just days later the two jetted off to Amsterdam.

So, that was fast! And slightly scarring. Check out her hottest photos below.
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