There Are Nuns Running an Illegal Marijuana Operation in California Right Now & They’re Making Bank

There are two nuns running a lucrative pot-growing business in California right now. And, in case you thought you missed something, no, the use of recreational marijuana is not currently legal in the state of California. So, correction: there are two nuns running a lucrative and very much illegal pot-growing business in California right now—one they are willing to talk to reporters about.

“Everything we’re doing is illegal,” Sister Kate cheerfully told ABC 7 News in Denver. “Those plants you just saw in my garage; they’re illegal. The making of the salves is illegal.” The marijuana Sister Kate and Darcy grow is heated in crockpots and distilled into salves in tinctures, which they sell online, on Etsy. It’s an operation that, according to them, brings in $400,000 a year.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey, aren’t nuns supposed to take a vow of poverty or something?…and not sell drugs?” then, you’d be right. But, you see, these women aren’t really nuns.

“When Congress declared pizza a vegetable, I declared myself a nun,” said Sister (is that fitting here?) Kate because, why not? She says that the idea of sisterhood, that of community and fellowship, is something that they both practice. They also wear the infamous nun habit, which adds an odd air of legitimacy to the whole thing.

Of course, instead of putting their faith in the healing power of Christ, the core belief in this convent is in the healing power of CBD, a chemical found in cannabis—marijuana plants.

We hear that, sister.

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