Roxy Horner: Hottest Photos on the Internet

Apparently Laura Whitmore isn’t the only hot blonde that captured Leonardo DiCaprio’s attention after his BAFTA award win. Roxy Horner, a 24-year-old model who hails from Sydney, Australia, reportedly spent the night in his posh London suite.
While Horner claims the two are just friends, we find it unlikely. DiCaprio has never steered clear of any gorgeous blonde model he’s passed before, so why the exception?¬†Unless she just isn’t into it… which could be a possibility, considering she could literally get anyone she wanted.
Horner is still an up-and-coming model but has garnered a loyal social media following, with over 50,000 Instagram followers and 8,600 followers on Twitter. If you haven’t fit that follow button, not’s your chance – both of Horner’s accounts are good for selfies, bikini photos, and just really, really good looking pictures. Spend your time wisely when wasting time on social media, for once.
Check out Roxy Horner’s hottest photos below.
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