SNL Highlight: Kanye Vs. Yet Another Nerdy White Rapper [VIDEO]

Kanye West was on Saturday Night Live last night — with Melissa McCarthy hosting, but  you know that show was all about Kanye West. And since Andy Samberg isn’t on the show anymore, it was left to Kyle Mooney to do the token Nerdy White Rapper sketch.
So somebody on the writing staff had to say, “Hey, Kanye, we have a nerdy white rapper sketch, and it’d be cool if you’d do a quick freestyle rap battle with the guy,” and Kanye said, “Cool, but it has to be pre-taped because I’ll be all busy changing people’s lives with my musical performances during the show,” and the writer said, “We’ve been pre-taping the entire show since 1994!”
And then Kanye said: “Hey, this is going to be all predictable, right, and the white guy will just look stupid? ‘Cause I won’t be upstaged in the name of comedy!” And the write said, “Kanye, you know we’re always keeping it predictable here on SNL, and the sketch will still be the highlight because it’s Kanye West!”
And that turned out to be true. It helps that Kanye throws in some rare self-deprecating remarks. That’s enough of a surprise that we can’t believe the SNL writers brought up the idea. Now we’re looking out for official video of those life-changing musical performances…

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LISTEN: Kanye West, The Life of Pablo Stream: New Album
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